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just another day in the life of Empress Lupita continuing to slay all your faves.


Gonna reblog this every time it crosses my dash.

They dont want us to know
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© Olga Lolo

Coral Mermaid by reneenault

New York.
I love your streets
I love your way of life
I admire your sense of style
You make me feel special & fresh
Food every few steps, thank you


I dislike your dirty streets
I envy people’s midtown lives
I do not enjoy the COL

I love you, but
I hate you as well.

#newtonyc #NYC

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I am honestly so much more content sitting in my room alone at night smiling and crying to myself as I watch my favorite tv shows, than being out in the uncomfortable situation that involves me pretending to be having the good time of my life with boring people, who don’t know a thing about me, who don’t care about me, who do pointless things. 

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Remembering Madiba. 
"I don’t believe in you, we’re not friends, you look crazy." - KidFury (via sobeautiful-rae)
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